Selected Publications

Landscape, Civic Memory, and Pedagogy

Cheng, Wendy. “‘Landscapes of Beauty and Plunder: Japanese American Flower Growers and an Elite Public Garden in Suburban Los Angeles.” 2020. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 38:4, 699-717.

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Race and…?

Cheng, Wendy. “The Changs Next Door to the Diazes: Suburban Racial Formation in Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley.” 2013. Journal of Urban History 39:1, 15-35.

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Taiwanese Migration and Diasporic Political Activism

Cheng, Wendy. “Refuting the Silences of Taiwanese/American History: The Case of Chen Yu-hsi.” Forum essay. Forthcoming June 2021. American Quarterly.

Wendy Cheng and Chih-ming Wang. “Against Empire: Taiwan, American Studies, and the Archipelagic.” Introductory essay to coedited forum of same title. Forthcoming June 2021. American Quarterly.

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