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24 Best Gifts for Frequent Travelers

A People’s Guide to Los Angeles made the New York Times/Wirecutter’s 2020 list of best gifts for travelers. When we travel, most of us are guilty of being at least somewhat unaware—of ourselves, of our hosts, of cultural traditions in the areas we’re visiting. But traveling also gives us the best opportunity to confront these … More

Against Empire: Taiwan, American Studies, and the Archipelagic

Chih-ming Wang and I coedited a timely forum, “Against Empire: Taiwan, American Studies, and the Archipelagic,” published in the current issue of American Quarterly. I thank the authors – Wen Liu, Anita Chang, Funie Hsu, Yukari Yoshihara, Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, and Leo Tsu-shin Ching – for their thoughtful and generative essays. I hope that this forum continues to open the door for more critical scholarship … More

The Bold and Unruly Legacy of Chen Wen-Chen

July 2, 2021 Article published in New Bloom Magazine IT WAS THE summer of 1975. The two young Taiwanese men, Rocky Tsao (曹永愷) and Chen Wen-chen (陳文成), met again in Ann Arbor, Michigan at a Taiwanese Association social gathering. Like most Taiwanese in the U.S. at the time, they were graduate students—Chen in statistics and Tsao … More

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